Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Poor Snookie

Another kvetcher I enjoy is Dick Staub at Culture Watch. I've downloaded some of his interviews at The Kindlings Muse. And he snags some great cultural influencers for those interviews--Dan Allender, David Brooks, Malcolm Gladwell, Anne Rice, Ann Lamott, as well as lesser known cultural influencers like Heidi Neumark who teaches in the South Bronx. Some are committed Christians, some are not. (If you're convinced that agnostics or aetheists are without 'soul' then you might reconsider after hearing one of these interviews.) Staub talks to them all.

And it's all commercial-free, so you get a whole lot for absolutely zilch.

Can't say that I 'enjoyed' his column today, but it certainly hit a sore spot. If you teach, or have taught anywhere--parochial or secular--do visit his column today because I can guarantee you, you've had poor Snookie in your classroom. And if you're a Christian parent who still has an ounce of influence left in your child's life, read his column today. You don't want to be creating a Snookie.


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